Harmony Byrne

Harmony Byrne grew up the third of seven children in a Mormon family in Melbourne, Australia. Early on, she was instilled with a love for church hymns and rock ‘n’ roll, music that would inform her own later on. After enrolling in the Waldorf School of the Arts in Melbourne, Byrne devoted her time to learning guitar and piano, and developed her songwriting repertoire. At 27, with the help of producer Jim Eno (of Spoon) she completed her debut album “Heavy Doors,” a 10-song collection that capturing the evocative yearning of Jeff Buckley, the tantalizing blues of Janis Joplin and the rapturous rock of Led Zeppelin. 

​​​​​​​Her story has everything; religious zealotry, choir honed vocals, forbidden desire, self liberation, European adventures and a sound track to match. She has traversed many musical and societal landscapes to arrive at the apex of her talents.

Her most recent release is the haunting 5 track EP “The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening” released in early 2021.